Whitley City, KY Mission Trip

Whitley City, KY Mission Trip

Our Partnership
We partner with Pastor Grant Hasty and Crossroads Community Baptist Church to reach people in our Commonwealth.  McCreary County is the poorest county in the country. Ministry includes construction, evangelism, working with children in an after school program, and ministry to empower the poor through food pantry, kitchen, and laundry. This is a great opportunity for people of all ages!

… for the harvest and the boldness of the faith family to step up and share more.
… for mission teams to come “ready to serve!”
… for the Hasty family as they transition and heal, post adoption.

GIVE ONLINE to support the ongoing work in Whitley City or to sponsor a short term participant.

Dates: June 28-July 2
Estimated cost: $250

There will be a 15 minute informational meeting following morning services on Sunday, April 5th in the Student building. 

We will discuss basic trip information about the Whitley City Mission Trip.

Join us if you are interested or want to know more about this mission opportunity.

Contact our Student Minister Jacob Clutts