Arrow Classical Education

Arrow Classical Education

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Arrow Classical Education exists to assist parents in educating their children by providing a classroom experience that maintains traditional, classical excellence so that they may love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. (Matthew 22:37) 

Our Vision: Rooted in Psalm 127, our vision is to see families strengthened by partnering with parents in the shaping of their children’s faith by grounding their learning in a biblical worldview. 

Our Core Principles:

Good Work

The classical Christian heritage has many unique distinctives, including the study of Latin, artes liberales (liberal arts), as well as the Great Books. This coursework is foundational for future educational excellence in the upper grades.

at a Good Pace

Our certified and spirited teachers provide a traditional classroom setting that is made complete with the commitment of strong parent partnership. In addition, we strive to make best use of our time by promoting the completion of work with precision and care instead of hurried work.

to the Glory of God

Arrow Classical Education upholds the Bible as the inerrant, divinely inspired Word of God and following Christ as the goal of all we do. Our staff remains dedicated to praying for our students to grow in wisdom, stature, and in favor with the Lord and man, doing all to His glory.

Our Staff

Carley Coursey, Director

M.A. Christian Education, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary 
B.S. Communication Studies, University of Southern Indiana

Sarah Jenkins, Teacher

B.S. and Masters in Elementary Education, Georgetown College

Nathana Scheller, Teacher

B.S. in Elementary Education and Minor in Reading, University of Southern Indiana

Patricia Cummings, Teacher

B.S. in Elementary Education and a Kindergarten Endorsement, Union University
Masters in Elementary Education, University of Southern Indiana.

Debby Burgett, Teacher

B.S. in Elementary Education, a Masters in Reading, and a Rank 1 in Education, Western Kentucky University