Margie Watson’s Testimony & Baptism

Margie Watson’s Testimony & Baptism

In August of 2019, Margie began attending a weekly neighborhood Bible Study and began to think about her relationship with Christ.

One of the ladies in the group (Cathy Boyd) gave her a gospel tract. I visited her later that evening and we read through the tract together and she expressed her desire to be assured of her salvation. She prayed the prayer at the back of the tract, signed it and dated it and looked up and said “Today is the first day of my life.  I’m so happy.” 

Margie faithfully attends the weekly Bible Study and recently began to learn of believer’s baptism and expressed her desire to be baptized and become a member of the church.

So on February 14, she was baptized and became a member of First Baptist.

  • – by Vicki Kloke-Smith, Yada Yada Girl and bible study leader