Sermons by Rev. Chuck Henderson

Sermons by Rev. Chuck Henderson

Leaving a Legacy of Faith

Leave a Legacy of FaithJoshua 14 I only have 2 main points today, and the first is as simple as the second, that is… Caleb was exceptional only because his faith was wholly in His God It is right that we should love this episode in Israel’s life and 85-year-old Caleb’s bold desire to lead out in this new phase of the conquest.  But hear me, you younger men and women of our church – if you want to be this kind…

“God, I’ve got a question: Why…?”

“God, I’ve got a question: Why…?” Habakkuk As your true heart is more deeply revealed to yourself, and you struggle to align yourself with God’s heart, it leads you further away from being an enemy of God, and further towards life as a child of God who lives by faith. A faith-filled Christ-follower will bow the knee not just before God’s power, but also before His love and goodness. At its core, fear is overcome by the firm conviction in…

Be Filled With the Spirit

Be Filled With the SpiritEphesians 5:18-20by Pastor Chuck Henderson Today marks a new chapter in our church’s ministry, and it’s important for us to see it clearly When a new pastor comes, one begins to see his values and priorities through not only what he preaches about, but also in the programmatic initiatives that he brings Clearly, Pastor Sam values prayer, as this was his first sermon series; and he also values discipleship, for he has brought Discipleship Groups to…

Markers of a Healthy Church

Rev. Chuck Henderson delivers a timely message called Markers of a Healthy Church. His text is Colossians 1: 3-8. Click on the marker in the video timeline to jump to the sermon.