“God, I’ve got a question: Why…?”

“God, I’ve got a question: Why…?”

“God, I’ve got a question: Why…?”


  1. “How long, o Lord?”  A question for the ages, 1:1-4 
  1. “Just wait!”  An answer none of us like to hear, 1:5-11
  1. “But Lord, that makes no sense.  How does your ‘answer’ fit with your character?”  A question of the heart, 1:12-2:1

As your true heart is more deeply revealed to yourself, and you struggle to align yourself with God’s heart, it leads you further away from being an enemy of God, and further towards life as a child of God who lives by faith.

  1. “Just watch… by faith.”  An answer that requires humility, 2:2-20

A faith-filled Christ-follower will bow the knee not just before God’s power, but also before His love and goodness.

  1. Honest dialogue with God, that results in faith-filled submission, yields peace, 3:1-19.
    1. Peace with God comes when our eyes are focused on God, 1-2a.
    2. Peace with God comes when we believe in both His wrath AND mercy, 2b.
    3. Peace with God comes when we choose to quietly wait, 3-16.

At its core, fear is overcome by the firm conviction in a sovereign AND good God who always, always, has His child’s best interests at His heart. 

  1. Peace with God results in the ability to rejoice, 17-19