Growth Guide

Growth Guide

We exist to develop generations of God-glorifying disciples who make disciples from the community to the continents.

We desire to see the future generations transformed by the truth of the Word and built into a body of believers who Cherish the Word, Share the Gospel, Strengthen the Family, Serve the Community, and Reach the World for God’s glory.  We strive to do this as a church and as individual members of the church body!

Our Growth Guide Brochure can help guide you in your journey of faith. You can use it as a general map, showing you how you can get connected, grow in your faith, and personally fulfill the mission of the church.

Individually, you can use the Growth Guide by reviewing the opportunities within our church and challenging yourself to grow in under-developed areas.

You may also find the Growth Guide helpful as a discussion tool to disciple others as you walk beside them on their journey of faith!