What To Expect 2

What To Expect 2

We are a bible believing, Gospel preaching, Christ exalting, missional church.
We hold scripture in the highest regard and seek to make Christ know here in our community and around the world.

We’re a good mix friendly people. Not high class, but down to earth believers who who worship the One true God through singing rich theological songs, we experience Him deeply while soaking up expositional preaching, and gather in small groups to pray together, fellowship, and study the Word… all the while build strong relationships with one another.

“We have a strong heart for missions”

We have a strong heart for missions and evangelism, regularly reaching out to our neighbors near and far. We have many members who pray for missions, go on mission, financially support missional endeavors, and partner with missionaries and church planters.

We can be found trekking to places like Thailand, Brazil, Turkey, or Canada with the sole purpose of making disciples. We have been known to lead small teams to places in remote areas of the world where the gospel has never been or is forbidden.

Not as sexy but just as real and necessary, we also have men, women, and youth who are dedicated to regularly travel to the foothills of rural Kentucky to help support a pastor who has given his life to minister to the poor, or even to travel just down the street to conduct monthly bible studies in local apartment complexes.

That’s who we are and what you can expect from us.

Use the areas below to dive into what we do and Who we love.

Missions and Evangelism

Our Vision: Need to update this page with much details about missions and evangelism. Photos, text, links, stories, videos. We exist to develop generations of God-glorifying disciples who make disciples from the community to the continents. Our Mission: Cherish the Word Share the Gospel Strengthen the Family Serve the Community Reach the World