Theology: Bible Basics

Theology: Bible Basics

These lessons are Pastor Todd’s PowerPoint presentations presented a few years back on Wednesday evenings at Henderson’s First Baptist Church.  Click on the lesson title and the link will take you to a PowerPoint viewer where the lesson is ready to be viewed.  Once there, just click on the left and right arrows to move through the presentation (For the best viewing experience, click on “full” at the bottom right hand corner of the slide.)   To get back to Henderson’s First Baptist Church website, just click the back button on your web browser. Most of the slides are self-explanatory, but remember that the slides accompanied Pastor Todd’s teaching.  Enjoy!

(The Study of the Bible)
Four (4) Lessons:

1 The Bible as a Whole
2 How Our Bible Came to Us
3 Inspiration and Inerrancy
4 Hermeneutics

(The Study of God)
1 Intro: Arguments for Existence of God, etc.

(The Study of Christ)
Fourteen (14) Lessons:
1 John Exposition
2 Philippians Exposition
3 Colossians Exposition
4 Hebrews Exposition
5 Resurrection
6 Virgin Birth
7 Isaiah
8 Baptism and Temptation
9 Transfiguration and Ascension
10 Review
11 Resurrection, ctd.
12 Atonement
13 Psalm 22
14 Review and 1 Corinthians

(The Study of Salvation)
Eight (8) Lessons:
1 Do Babies Go to Heaven When They Die?
2 Salvation Overview
3 Grace, Common and Effectual, Pt.1
4 Grace, Common and Effectual, Pt. 2
5 Faith, Conversion
6 Justification, Sanctification
7 How were People Saved in the Old Testament?
8 Can We Really Be Sure We are Saved?


Five (5) Lessons:
1 Creation Introduction
2 Five Major Views of Creation
3 The How and Why of Creation
4 Why I Don’t Believe in Darwinian Evolution
5 Creation Summary and Review


1 Blasphemy of the Spirit


1 Origin and Fall of Satan

1 Why Christmas Matters