Sermons from November 2020

Sermons from November 2020

The Lord’s Prayer

Today’s sermon is titled The Lord’s Prayer and is taken from Matthew 6:9-13. This is Dr. Mark Coppenger’s last sermon as our interim pastor. He and his lovely wife Sharon have been serving with us for a year. Dr. Coppenger, we will greatly miss you!

Markers of a Healthy Church

Rev. Chuck Henderson delivers a timely message called Markers of a Healthy Church. His text is Colossians 1: 3-8. Click on the marker in the video timeline to jump to the sermon.

Whither America?

This Sunday morning, we’re in Matthew 11 (verses 16-24), where Jesus comments on the shabby reception he and John the Baptist had received from the current generation and where he issues some harsh words for cities indifferent to his miracles. I’ll make some application to our nation, with the title, “Whither America?”