Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We exist to develop generations of God-glorifying Disciples who make Disciples from the community to the continents.

• To Develop Generations… All through scripture, there is an emphasis on raising the next generation of believers. We are intentional in fulfilling this by investing in our children and young people.

• Of God-glorifying disciples… All of creation, including mankind, exists to glorify God. Therefore we work hard to focus our ministries on the ultimate goal of God’s glory.

• We make disciples… Too much of our culture is focused on “me.” At HFBC, we believe the true disciples of Christ want to see other become disciples as well. Therefore we encourage both group and one-on-one relationships that exist to develop multi generations of spiritual disciples.

• From Community to the Continents. Wether it’s evangelism and ministry in Henderson, or mission trips around the world, our people Love to tell the Good News. Taking the Gospel to every person lies at the heart of our budget, our ministries, and our mission.

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