Hinkson Meet & Greet

Hinkson Meet & Greet

You’re invited to a Meet & Greet at the Hinkson Tree Farm on December 6th from 2-5pm!

You heard right! We’re transforming the Fellowship Hall into a Christmas tree farm where you can meet The Hinkson’s and “cut and carry” a ton of fun things… like grab and go snacks, opportunities for photo ops, a tree for families to bring cards and gift cards to shower Pastor Sam and Heather, Prayer Favors for each family to take with them, and a tree for the family ornament. Remember when you got that paper ornament to cutout, fill out and paste your family photo on it? That’s the family ornament. Bring that with you and hang it on the tree so Pastor Sam and Heather can get to know our folks!

And we’re doing this all while social distancing!

We’re breaking it down into times for folks to come,
so here’s the schedule:

  • Seniors (above 60) – 2-3pm
  • Last names from A-L – 3-4pm
  • Last names from M-Z – 4-5pm