Introduction to inFellowship

Introduction to inFellowship

Check out this video on why you should be connected to inFellowship:

Then watch this video to learn how to create an inFellowship account:

inFellowship Questions & Answers:

Q: What is inFellowship?
A: It is a secure, online tool that allows you to register for events, access the church directory, check your online giving and connect with your small group.

Q: Why do I need inFellowship?
A: It is a great way to stay connected with other church members and all that is happening at Henderson’s First Baptist.

Q: Will my name be in the church directory if I am not registered with inFellowship?
A: NO.  You have to have an inFellowship account and check the box to be added to the church directory.  If you do not have an inFellowship account you can not access the inFellowship church directory either.

Q: If I don’t have/sign-up with this new inFellowship, how will the church communicate with me?
A: Nothing has changed.  You will still be called, you will still receive letters and communications like you have in the past.  Remember, this is only a tool to help communicate.  If you do not choose to use it. Nothing will change for you in your experience at HFBC.

Q: We only have one email address, can we use our one email for both spouses?
A: No.  Each member with the exception of minors will need a separate email address to access their separate accounts.  If you do not have another email account you will need to obtain one, on your own, using, Gmail, or Yahoo.  Each person has a record and each record has a family.  When you sign-up with your separate accounts you are grouped into your family automatically.  If you are single, you are the head of your house.

Q: How to I get to the online directory?
A: To see the directory, login or create an account in InFellowship. You will need to setup you profile and privacy settings. At the bottom of the privacy settings, you will check the box to be included in the church directory. If no box is present, your account is not yet linked with the church database record. (This process may take up to 3 days). Come back at a later date or contact the church office and go back into your privacy setting to check the box in order to be included in the directory.

Q: I don’t have an e-mail address, can I still register for an account?
A: Not at this time. Program developers are working on changing this.

Q: I registered for an account and my wife also tried to but it told her that the e-mail address was already used. We share an e-mail address, how does she register too?
A: Unfortunately our database program requires each individual to have a unique log-in. Your e-mail address is what identifies you as a ‘unique person’ – kind of like your social security #. This is the same requirement of financial institutions or any place online that requires you to create a user account.

Q: I have followed the instructions and I can’t log in, who do I contact?
A: Call the Church office (270) 826-2332.

Q: Can anyone view my information if I register?
A: ONLY people in our congregation who have the status of member or attendee in our database can view the directory. Visitors and the general public cannot access the directory.

Q: I am a member and I created an account but I can’t see my group or the directory.
A: It’s important to create your account with the same e-mail address we have in our database. If you register and use a different e-mail address, our database will not recognize that it’s you and create a duplicate record. Please send an e-mail to us We will merge the records together and then you will be able to view your groups and opt-in to the directory.

Q: I don’t do anything online and probably won’t create an account, but I want to be able to reach other people in the church, can you just print me a hard copy of the directory?
A: We purposely moved towards a web based database that will give our congregation the easiest and most efficient way to access this information and reduce paper costs. If you do not have access to or use a computer—please call the church office so we can help you!

Note: If your status in our database is not set to either “member” or “attendee,” or we do not have a complete record of information on you; you won’t be able to view or opt-in to the directory. If you need assistance please email us at or call us at (270) 826-2332