Children’s Ministry Guidelines

Children’s Ministry Guidelines

As we try to provide a safe and fun environment that is conducive to learning, we ask that all parents, grandparents and children follow these guidelines when they participate in any Children’s Ministry programs at First Baptist Henderson.

Behavior Guidelines

  1. Come to church, ready to learn – ready to focus on the One True God and his plan for each of us.
  2. Please respect your teachers.
    – Help your child to appreciate the time the teacher has spent to prepare the lesson
    – Children should not talk while the teacher is talking, unless they are directed to do so
    – It is appropriate to raise your hand when you would like to speak or answer a question
    – When speaking, please use your inside voice
  3. Please respect other students.
    – Stay in your own space
    – Keep your hands to yourself
    – Don’t do things that will distract other learners (For example, toys from home can be a distraction and should be left at home)
  4. Please respect the property of the church.
    – Gum or candy stays in your mouth or in the trash can, not under or on the seats in the sanctuary or classrooms
    – Write on paper, not on tables or seats in the sanctuary or classrooms
    – Our feet stay on the floor and hands by our sides, not on the walls
    – Please clean your learning area before you leave

Safety guidelines

  1. Children and preschoolers should be signed in for all programs at all Sunday and Wednesday services.
    – This helps the child’s teacher find a parent in a timely manner in case of emergency
    – The sign in sheet also serves as the checklist to be used in case an evacuation is necessary
  2. If the responsible adult is leaving the campus, an emergency phone number must be left on the sign in sheet.
  3. Parents should accompany children to every classroom to be sure they arrive safely. If the teacher has not arrived, the parent should wait until a responsible adult is in the room before leaving the child.
  4. Preschoolers and children (babies through grade 5) must be picked up at the end of the session by a parent or the adult who brought them. (siblings may not pick up a child)
  5. To minimize disruption during teaching time or worship service, parents or responsible adults are advised to accompany their children to the restroom before or after the teaching session or worship service.
  6. Children should not go to the restroom alone or be allowed to leave the classroom alone during any children’s ministry program or during worship service. Because the general public has access to the building when it is unlocked, our church should be considered a public building. If a child must be taken to the restroom by a teacher, the teacher must stand at the main door of the restroom, prop the door open and wait for the child. This allows the teacher to be in view of another adult.
  7. Sunday a.m. sessions are “no food zones.” Because of food allergies and the limited amount of time, food will not be served or eaten during this time. If food is served on special occasions, parents will be notified ahead of time.
  8. Playground rules are posted. The FBC playground is designed for children ages 2-5. Older children should not play on the playground set. Their presence in the playground area is a safety risk for younger children.

If you have questions or concerns about these guidelines, please contact the Director of Preschool and Children’s Ministries, Mrs. Ellie Coursey at