Sunday School


A church is not a church unless it is personal and Sunday School puts a face and a smile on the church. Attending one of our classes will afford you the opportunity to get to know who Henderson’s FBC really is.  Sunday School is a place to build relationships with others; it is a place to go where you are known, loved and cared for.


Sunday School classes are held every week at 8:00 am, 9:30 am & 11:00 am


Class Directory


Young Singles—(18-35 years)

College—Joe Ford—Room 315—Sunday 11:00

Career Singles—Joel and Bunnie Stocking—Room 304—Sunday 9:30



Young Married—(18-39  years)

Spark—Heath and Stephanie Buzzell—Room 315—Sunday 9:30

Connecting—Bryan Bennett—Room 311—Sunday 11:00

I’m Third—Darrin and Rhonda Phegley—Room 314—Sunday 11:00

Living Life Together – Rich Stratton/Chris Moore – Room 307 – Sunday  11:00



Married Adults—(40-55 years)

Committed—Marty Coursey—Room 319—Sunday 11:00

For His Glory—Scott Scarborough—Room 316–Sunday 11:00

Master’s Flock—Dickie Austin/Jim Pendergraft—Room 307—Sunday 9:30

Embracing Life—Jane Piller—Room 314—Sunday 9:30

Theology for Life – Kenny Noblett – Room 316 – Sunday 9:30

Cross Seekers—David Siemers/Mike Parsons—Room 301—Sunday 11:00



Senior Adults—(56+ years)

Son Risers—Russ Hibbs—Room 301—Sunday 8:00

PUSH—Mark Bowling/Bill Kramer—Room 319–Sunday 9:30

Overcomers—John Newland—Room 311–Sunday 9:30

FAITH—Carol Buchanan—Room 301—Sunday 9:30

E.C. Porter/Mizpah—Church Library—Sunday 9:30


Senior Adult Men

Bereans—Jim Harmon—Room 308—Sunday 9:30



For Women Only

Cornerstone—Lisa Cox—Room 304—Sunday 11:00

Women’s Bible Study—Michele Linn—Room 315—Sunday 9:30

For Women Only I—Sondra Johnson—Room 320—Sunday 11:00

For Women Only II—Mary Porter—Room 305—Sunday 9:30

Dorcas—Mary Janet Williams—Parlor—Sunday 9:30




Student Ministry (Grades 6th-12th)

Wired (Grades 6th-8th)–Student Ministry Building (located on Elm Street), Upper Level–Sunday 11:00

Remix (Grades 9th-12th)–Student Ministry Building (located on Elm Street), Lower Level–Sunday 11:00



Preschool & Children’s Ministry (Babies-5th Grade)

Preschool (Babies to Pre-Kindergarten) – Babies- Room 205, Ones-Room 206, Twos-Room 201 and 202, Threes-Room 208, PreK-Room 203

Children Desiring God -9:30: Kindergarten/1st Grade-Room 204, 2nd Grade-Room 105, 3rd Grade-Room 104,  11:00: Kindergarten-Room 204, 1st Grade-Room 209, 2nd Grade-Room 105, 3rd Grade-Room 104

Grades 4th-5th –  9:30: Combined 4th & 5th-Room 110, 11:00: 4th Grade–Fellowship Hall, 5th Grade-Room 110