Pastor Todd Linn’s Articles

Pastor Todd Linn’s Articles in Evansville Indiana’s┬áCourier & Press Newspaper:

Gay-Bashing and Speaking the Truth in Love

Conquering Fear in the New Year

Who Are True Followers of Christ?

Ditching Your Worries

True Life

Gaining Clarity on the Phrase “Born Again”

Every Sunday Celebrates the Truths of Easter

Gospel Freedom

Christian Civility

The Eternal Christ of Christmas

Religion: Organized or Unorganized?

God is in Control

The Church’s Role in Politics

Christ’s Rising is Crucial Tenet of Faith

Christ: That’s What it’s All About

God our Refuge and Strength in Troublesome Times

Is the World Ending in 2012?

Taking Seriously the Great Commission

Facebook, Friends, and Faith

The Power of Perspective

Not Guilty: Declared Righteous in Christ

Too many Americans miss the Big Picture of Easter: Christ’s Resurrection

Dealing with Depression

Redefining Sin doesn’t Cloak True Meaning

Shine Light as Witness to Spread Joy in Christ

Climate Change and the Bible

Religion, Politics, and Prayer

God says show Him the Trust, not Money

Religion Columnist: We must be ready for Death, Judgment

Evolution Questions are Quest for Truth

Gospel offers Christians both Daily and Eternal Benefits

Virgin Birth is Vital Part of Christian Doctrine

Christians Have Reason for Attitude of Gratitude

Jesus Can Turn Dysfunctional to Functional

There’s Just One Way to Know Salvation

‘Narrow’ is the widest view of truth Jesus offers

Baptism Pictures Powerful Truths

The Bible Maintains Man’s Need for Reconciliation

Being Good is not Good Enough

With God, We Experience the Freedom of Forgiveness

God Made a Wonderful Transaction with Us

When we Mess up, Salvation has us Covered Past, Present and Future

Church is Just the Place for All Those Hypocrites

Reckless Use of Blogs Has Power to Harm


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