Educational Resources

Church Library

The Church Library and Media Center is stocked with wide sampling of Christian books and videos for adults and children covering such areas as theology, Church history, Christian living, family, and inspirational fiction.

The library is located on the main level around the corner from the church office and is open during regular service times and M-F 12:30pm to 4:00pm.

Books Available for Purchase in the Church Office

Purchase books in the Church office Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Family Worship Resources

Small Talks on Big Questions: A Manual on Children’s Catechism
By: Selah Helms (illustrated by: Caffy Whitney)

Price: $19.50

This book puts Christian doctrine together with short historical biographies. Small Talks on Big Questions is an inspirational way to learn the catechism through well written stories from Alfred the Great to John Wesley with lots of Bible characters in between.  Recommended for ages 8 to adults.

The Family Worship Book: A Resource Book for Family Devotions
By: Terry L. Johnson

Price: $15.00

Amidst the distractions of our busy lives, sometimes we forget that “the family that prays together stays together.” Terry Johnson’s Family Worship Book shows you why household devotions are important and how to get started. Sample outlines for services, prayers, calls to worship, creeds, a 3-year Bible reading plan, catechisms, texts of psalms and hymns, and more help you lead joyful, meaningful devotions for your loved ones.  This resource is recommended for any family interested in engaging in family worship.

Step into the Bible: 100 Bible Stories for Family Devotions
By: Ruth Graham

Price: $12.00

Create a legacy of faith as you build family devotional time around this core collection of beloved Bible stories. Accompanied by stunning color photographs, Graham’s retellings are enhanced by open-ended discussion questions designed to encourage further exploration of Scripture and memory verses that will shape spiritual character and strengthen biblical knowledge.  Great resource recommended for families with kids ages 2-10.

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name
By: Sally Lloyd-Jones

Price: $11.00

The Jesus Storybook Bible tells the story beneath all the stories in the Bible. At the center of the story is a baby, the child upon whom everything will depend. Every story whispers his name. From Noah to Moses to the great King David–every story points to him. He is like the missing piece in a puzzle–the piece that makes all the other pieces fit together. From the Old Testament through the New Testament, as the story unfolds, children will pick up the clues and piece together the puzzle. A Bible like no other, this book invites children to join in the greatest of all adventures, to discover for themselves that Jesus is at the center of God’s great story of salvation–and at the center of their story too. Recommended for ages 4 to 8.

The Shorter Catechism: A Baptist Version

Price: $3.00

A catechism is simply a “question and answer” method of learning.  The Baptist version of the Westminster Shorter Catechism is a great way tool to help you and your family learn more about what we believe and why.

Theology Resources

Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine
By: Wayne Grudem

Price: $29.00

**A Brother Todd must read**

The Christian church has a long tradition of systematic theology, that is, studying theology and doctrine organized around fairly standard categories such as the Word of God, redemption, and Jesus Christ. This introductory textbook on systematic theology has several distinctive features.

A Theology for the Church
Edited By: Daniel L. Akin

Price:  $30.00

What does Scripture say? What has the church believed? How do various doctrines fit together? What impact do they have on today’s church? Addressing these crucial questions, Albert Mohler, Daniel Akin, Paige Patterson, and other leading Baptist thinkers examine revelation, God, humanity, Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the church, and the last things.

Manual of Theology
By: J. L. Dagg

Price:  $16.00

All who long to see those doctrines that Dagg taught, that our founding fathers believed and preached, that Spurgeon preached, that John Bunyan preached and that Jonathan Edwards preached, thunder though America again will want to own and this volume.  If the theology of James P. Boyce, John A. Broadus, and John Dagg was true and biblical in their day, it is still true because the Bible has not changed.  Theology is the foundation of all true worship and all true witness.  This volume by John Dagg will take us to that biblical theology of our Baptist fathers.

Worldviews: Think For Yourself About How We See God

By: John M. Yeats and John Blase


This book is an excellent tool to help you navigate the various belief systems in the world today and set them in context with the Christian faith.

The New Answers Book 1

By: Ken Ham


This book is one every parent should read and study with their children and youth. Answers will help you equip your child to stand strong in his or her faith when it is attacked in society, by movies, or in the classroom.

Answers to Tough Questions Skeptics Ask About the Christian Faith

By:  Josh McDowell and Don Stewart


This book offers biblical answers to questions like: Why does a good God allow evil to continue? Is Jesus the only way?  Don’t all religions say the same thing?  How can I know God exists? And over 50 others.

More Than a Carpenter

By:  Josh McDowell


Josh McDowell thought Christians must be “out of their minds.”  He put them down, he argued against their faith.  But eventually he saw that his arguments wouldn’t stand up.  Jesus Christ really was God in human flesh.  Josh became a speaker on college and university campuses, challenging people who were just as skeptical as he had been.  In More Than a Carpenter Josh focuses on the person who changed his life—Jesus Christ.  It is a hard-hitting book for people who are skeptical about Jesus’ deity, his resurrection, and his claims on their lives.

Christian Living Resources

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life
By: Donald S. Whitney

Price: $11.00

**Listed on Brother Todd’s reading list**

Far from being legalistic, restrictive, or binding, as they are often perceived, the spiritual disciplines are actually the means to unparalleled spiritual liberty. So if you’d like to embark on a lifelong quest for godliness, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life will help you on your way. Based on the rich heritage left us by the early church fathers, the Puritan writers, and Jesus Christ Himself, Whitney takes you through a carefully selected array of disciplines that includes Scripture reading, prayer, worship, Scripture meditation, evangelism, serving, stewardship, Scripture application, fasting, silence and solitude, journaling, and learning.

The Treasure Principle
By: Randy Alcorn

Price: $8.00

**Listed on Brother Todd’s reading list**

Jesus told a story about a hidden treasure that, once discovered, brought life-changing joy. In The Treasure Principle, Randy Alcorn unearths a simple yet profound principle that will radically change your concept of stewardship. Short on guilt, Alcorn illuminates the liberating joy of giving and its impact, not only for today but for eternity as well. A perennial bestseller, this revised edition includes a new concluding chapter, “31 Radical, Liberating Questions to Ask God About Your Giving.”

Disciplines of a Godly Man
By: Kent Hughes

Price: $9.00

Our churches and homes need men willing to follow the path of godliness no matter what the cost.  Using engaging illustrations, scriptural wisdom, and practical suggestions for daily life, Hughes offers frank biblical discussion on major areas of Christian manhood, including family, godliness, leadership, and ministry.  This book is recommended by Pastor Johnny Hunt as a book every man should read

Is God Really In Control?  Trusting God in a World of Hurt

By:  Jerry Bridges

Price: $9.50

There’s no more crucial topic in today’s world than understanding what God is up to in the midst of personal and global tragedy. Author Jerry Bridges helps readers answer the question “Is God in control?”, offering comfort and hope by exploring the greater purposes of God in light of Scripture.